Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seashells, Dinosaurs and an Etch A Sketch

I'll admit it, some of the best conversations I hear are the ones I'm not involved with. The boys have bunk beds and recently realized that they can carry on conversations when they are supposed to be sleeping. These conversations can range from how to build their next battle ship, to comparing dinosaurs and sometimes even their plans to get to Mars. Tonight I heard them giggling and couldn't help but peek in on them. Sometimes you just never know what you'll find them up to!

Jacob set up a tent for Joshua's bottom bunk by hanging their baby blankets from the top. This is normal however what I found behind the blankets cracked me up. Joshua shimmied a flashlight in between the top mattress and the wood slats so he had area lighting. He was eagerly working on his Etch A Sketch, creating a map to the treasure. (Per Joshua, I need a map because I keep driving past the treasure and never stop. The nerve of me...) At this point I'm still not shocked. I only became confused when I saw seashells lined up, 3 Playskool Hatchling dinosaurs next to them and a bouncy ball. Joshua explained that the seashells are the water for the dinosaurs and the bouncy ball is the magic that makes them come to life.

Mind you, that Jacob was "asleep" the entire time I was dealing with Joshua. He even humored me with a few novelty snores but couldn't help himself to take a peek when he thought I wasn't looking. Even though they were up to no good, I'm so thankful that they have nights like this to use their creativity and have some good ol' fashion fun. Now if I could only get them to do this before bedtime!!

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